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Who wants free training?

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Are you......

✅ A start-up or SME business looking for HR help?

✅ Would you like some free HR advice and to be part of a pilot group for our new online training?

✅ Are you in the process of taking on your first employees?

We're in the process of launching online training that will be available via our App which is coming soon! The first training course will include everything you need to know from an HR perspective when hiring your first employees plus will include 1-2-1 support from one of our specialists at Tap HR. The course is interactive, can be accessed on the go and includes downloadable elements and quizzes.

We'd like to trial the training product with 5 SMEs who'll get free access to the course. If you're interested in getting access to our course and helping us fine-tune the product before it's launched to paying customers plus get some free HR advice, pop a thumbs up in the comments below!

We'll leave this offer open until 23rd September 2022 and will allocate spaces on a first come first served basis.

You can find out more about Tap HR here 👉🏾

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