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Vision, Mission & Values

Smart HR support for smart businesses

Trish Hewitt giving HR advice


To provide support to our customers to enable them to uplift their employees and create an environment where people can do their best work. 


To be known for providing awesome, high-quality advice without using stuffy language, legal jargon or hard-selling techniques.

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To provide affordable, simple and accessible HR services to smart businesses across the UK.

​To create a team and community of world-class HR professionals that our clients can access within a few taps.

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  • Transparency- providing businesses with transparent HR advice, no faffing, stuffy language or legal jargon

  • Authenticity- we provide businesses with authentic, empathetic, support from Consultants who get to be their authentic selves, we love HR unicorns!

  • Constantly Developing- we constantly look for ways to grow and develop our team to benefit your business with fabulous advice.

  • Supporting Others- we believe in doing the right thing, so we act fairly, provide a helping hand to others and spread a little kindness at the same time

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Tel 07916308900     |

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