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Case Studies

Smart HR support for smart businesses

Start-Up using our retained services

Our client is a fast-growing start-up who wanted HR help that could grow and scale with their business. Not large enough to need full time help but conscious of putting in place the right processes, procedures and foundations of their culture, our client engaged us using our all-rounder package to get peace of mind that all their HR things are sorted. After a few months they also upgraded to using Breathe HR with our consultants managing all their HR data and HR operations. Paying one low monthly fee, our client knows we've always got their back!

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One-off support with employment contracts


We've had numerous clients contact us and use our services to get their HR documents right. This particular client was growing and wanted to provide their new employee with a zero-hours contract. We took time to understand the clients needs and created a bespoke contract that works for them and created an employee privacy policy to make sure they're compliant with GDPR

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Disciplinary Investigation

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Our client needed help to investigate a sensitive disciplinary within the business involving a senior individual. We handled the full investigation, keeping all interested parties aware of our progress and compiled a full and detailed investigation report which the business then used to make a decision on taking formal action against the employee. We held the clients hand every step of the way and produced a balanced report, based on the evidence to help the client come to a reasonable and fair conclusion.

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