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Tap HR Partners.

We work with some brilliant partners at Tap HR to enhance the services we provide to our clients.

Some of our Brillant Partners

Click on a partner logo to learn more about them. 

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Anita works in partnership with Tap HR to provide our clients with a world class learning and development experience. Anita specialises in understanding our clients needs, and works with them to develop a bespoke learning plan focused on leadership and behavioural development. 

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We're an accredited partner with Breathe. We can provide HR software to help automate HR tasks.

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Cambridge Employment Law LLP is a specialist employment law practice, advising both employers and employees.  Providing support for both individuals and employers, Cambridge Employment Law is a niche employment law practice, specialising in the practical application of the law in the workplace.

The firm prides itself on providing an outstanding personal service to their clients which makes them the ideal partner for Tap HR .  Their size and the specialist nature of their practice means clients have a personal relationship with  their lawyer who understands your business and cares about its success.

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Established in 1978 Evolve Counselling’s charitable work is funded by providing paid services to businesses to train and support their staff with mental health related issues.  Mainly via individual counselling via video/telephone, Evolve supports valued staff using qualified and experienced counsellors to large, medium and small businesses.With over 45 counselling partners, Evolve takes the headache out of finding the right counsellor and ensuring they have the right qualifications and experience, DBS checks, regular clinical supervision and CPD, Health and Safety, Data Protection and Safeguarding training and a variety of skills and specialisms in one place. 


Evolve Counselling provides a professional, quality service to compliment your existing wellbeing strategy.Referring staff is quick and easy and monthly payment or ‘pay as you go’ options are available.  All work with Evolve helps to fulfil your corporate social responsibility.

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Thymometrics provide a unique employee engagement product to help businesses understand their staff and support improving employee engagement.

Conventional surveys tend to use the same standard questions — but there’s no such thing as a standard employee.


Every person has unique motivators and Thymo™ recognised this when they built the Thymo™ engine.

Thymo™ removes the grind associated with answering boilerplate survey questions. Instead, it helps your business get straight to the point, with surveys that recognise how your employees feel and what they see as important.

With their innovative ‘always-on’ feature at the core, the powerful Thymo™ platform is fast to setup, simple to customise, and actively boosts employee engagement and well-being.

Thymo™ delivers accurate employee insights by maximising participation in pulse surveys and 360° feedback.

The business culture landscape changes fast. So Thymometrics™ helps you take an agile approach to performance improvement based on real-time continuous feedback.

Sign-up for their  FREE version today. Or request a demo to see why ambitious, progressive organisations trust the power and flexibility of Thymo™.

You can see our Partnership listing here

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