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HR For Start-Ups Podcast

Whilst at The Business Show this week our Founder, Trish Hewitt, was interviewed by Phonic Media about some of the pitfalls and common mistakes Start-ups make when it comes to HR, you can listen to the podcast here 👇🏾

I want some HR Help from Tap HR

✅ Free consultations- if you'd like a free consultation with one of our consultants you can sign up here;

✅ Our Services- you can see all our services here, but we also provide bespoke custom-built offerings for our customers;

✅Our Packages- we offer packages for business which you can see here;

✅ Our Pricing- We're transparent with our charges because, well as a customer we think it's important you have an understanding of costs, you can see our charge rates here;

How do I get in contact?

Feel free to email us at or book a free consultation here;

Follow us on our social media platforms!

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