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🚨 New Podcast Alert! 🚨

Delighted to share our most recent podcast with the inspiring Dr Dunni!

✅ Are you an employer who wants to know how to support women going on and returning from maternity leave?

✅ Are you going on maternity leave and want to know more about tackling things like mothers' guilt, worries about returning to work and feeling empowered coming back to the workplace?

This week's podcast covers all these topics and features Dr Dunni an award-winning mum empowerment coach, best-selling author, international speaker and Family Doctor.

You can see the video of our podcast here 👇🏾

And if you'd prefer to just listen to the audio from the podcast itself it's here;

You can reach Dr Dunni directly via her Linkedin page or via her website;

Follow us on our social media platforms!

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