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How much do HR Consultants cost?

The short answer to this question is, it depends.

The same as when you buy a car, HR Consultants can provide different services and you'll also be paying for the individual's experience as well as their time. Take the analogy of buying a car, you could break down what car you choose to buy by looking at your needs, so you might want something that's safe, reliable and gets you to where you need to be but doesn't need lots of fancy bells and whistles. It's reliable, stable and does what you need. You could decide you want an upgrade, still need to get to where you want to be but you want some extra elements, a more comfortable ride and better fuel efficiency. You could decide that you want a top-of-the-range model, with a great top speed, super efficient and parks itself or you might want something niche, custom built and great for specific terrain. So let's apply that analogy to HR, there are various different HR Consultants out there and consultants with different specialisms.

So what are my options?

  1. Your reliable safe car- you may just need an HR Consultant who can comfortably handle the basics, keep your general HR function ticking over and carry out non-complex HR projects. This individual, when working in the corporate world, may have been a great HR Advisor so not necessarily involved in HR strategy but can keep your HR function running smoothly.

  2. The upgrade- you may need an HR Consultant that can do all of the above, but has also worked in the capacity of an HR Manager, HR Business Partner or Senior HR Advisor who can handle more complex cases and has experience in a variety of different industries. This individual will have a broader level of experience and knowledge to benefit your business.

  3. The top-of-the-range model- this individual will have a wealth of experience, has most likely worked as an HR Leader/ HR Director and has experience with a wide range of HR issues as well as compiling and implementing HR strategy. They'll be able to handle all the things that the reliable and upgrade options can but will also provide you with extra experience and expertise.

  4. The niche custom build- an HR Consultant with a very specific skill set like HR system implementation, managing TUPE, mergers and acquisitions, international experience etc

As a bonus, most reputable HR Consultants will offer you a free consultation to see whether or not they can help you out. See it as your no-obligation test drive (see what I did there!)

How do I choose an HR Consultant?

First, figure out what level of service you need. You may just need a reliable safe car and if you do, you don't need to pay for a top-of-the-range model. What's equally important is finding someone you click with, who understands your business and that you feel you can work with. An HR Consultant will be working with your most precious asset, your people, so you want them to have an ethos that you can work with and, I know it's cliche, but you want them to be a people person. HR is one of those skillsets that is transferrable, but generally speaking if you're looking for an HR Consultant, we'd advise seeking out someone who has experience of the industry your in or of working with businesses at the same stage of growth or development as yours. We'd also recommend using your free consultation time to get a feel for the consultant and how they work.

What sort of costs am I looking at?

What you pay depends on the services you're looking for, a reliable car doesn't cost the same as a top-of-the-range one so prices will vary. Broadly speaking HR Consultants will have a day and/or hourly rate. Whilst rates will vary depending on what you need, at the time of writing this article October 2022, you could be looking at anything from £300-£1,000 per day for an HR Consultant but the key thing to remember is you're not just paying for the individuals time, you're paying for the benefit of their experience.

I want some HR Help from Tap HR

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How do I get in contact?

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