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Breaking News!

I'm actually a bit tearful writing this post, despite the smiling photo.

Today I'm being interviewed by People Management Magazine. It's literally been a career-long dream of mine to do something noteworthy and to be featured in the magazine. For those of you who don't know, People Management Magazine is published by the CIPD who are the chartered body that oversees HR professionals. They've seen my Tiktok channel and want to write an article featuring me talking about my Tiktok channel and my views on being an HR Influencer. Until them getting in contact I'd never seen myself that way. So I just wanted to bring a bit of morning cheer and say dreams do come true, I'm honoured and humbled to be featured in the magazine.

For all you HR peeps out there I'll be featured in next month's issue! 📅

👾 If you're not following us on Tiktok, our videos have now had over 65k views which is insane! 😱 But if you're not following us you're totally missing out! You can see the channel and follow us here 👇🏾

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